Without Modification Center

  • Lost time waiting on service to complete modifications

  • Added expense and time for body builders to make modifications

  • Additional transportation costs to ship cab/chassis

With Modification Center

  • Modifications performed by Builtmore factory-trained technicians

  • Cab/chassis is ready for mounting the moment it arrives at the body builder

  • No added transportation costs

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OEM-Quality Workmanship

The same team who assembles the Isuzu FTR and N-Series trucks can also modify your order before it ships. We install only the best components and our modification process follows the same high-quality build standards you expect from an OEM assembler.

Quick Turnaround Time

Our training and quality processes allow us to turn around your modification order quickly, without any sacrifice to workmanship.

Simplified Transportation System

Our order interception process allows us to obtain your order from Isuzu and perform the requested modifications before it leaves the Builtmore campus. This process alleviates any extra effort or logistical scheduling required by dealer personnel.

How It works

Builtmore modification center order and building process


Dealer quote and modifications identified


Dealer credit application approved by Builtmore


Dealer issues PO to Builtmore


Dealer orders vehicle from Isuzu with IOZ ship-thru code


Vehicle processed and released from the port

Isuzu invoices dealer for vehicle


Builtmore obtains vehicle from Isuzu


Vehicle modified


Builtmore issues modification invoice to dealer


Vehicle shipped to dealer


Available Custom Modifications

Available Custom Modifications