With over four decades of class 1-7 commercial, retail, and service vehicle building success behind us, the Shyft Group and its Builtmore go-to-market brand have the state-of-the-art flexible manufacturing facilities, highly trained personnel experienced in automotive manufacturing and assembly, and a proven manufacturing process to become an extension of your business.

From our back office to our plant floor, we’re ready, willing, and more than able to help you fulfill orders, allowing you to buffer the ups and downs of an often unpredictable and demanding marketplace.


On time. On budget. On demand.

Our cost structure, resource management capabilities, and flexible manufacturing model enable us to produce effectively at volumes that will meet your demand — up to 30,000 units per year. We move with the agility, innate vehicle knowledge, and expertise to deliver to your exacting standards, on time, and within budget. All with the freedom and flexibility you need to grow and shrink with less risk, and more reward.


Continuous Improvement

We are constantly working to improve our toolbox, processes, systems, and training regimens to increase productivity, efficiencies, and the quality of our output. This dedication to continuous improvement is second-to-none when compared to other contract manufacturers.

As we scope out each contract manufacturing project, our full team — from engineering to assembly — works to optimize the manufacturing process to improve our assembly efficiency and effectiveness, This attention to detail and level of commitment helps to ensure that each vehicle that rolls off the line will meet your and our exacting quality standards — each time, every time.


Lean Manufacturing

Builtmore Contract Manufacturing embodies lean manufacturing protocols from the office to the shop floor. We leverage this commitment to ensure our customers’ projects–from build to final inspection–are efficient, repeatable, and leaves waste where it belongs–at the door.