Since 2005, Builtmore has worked with America’s leading defense contractors to provide automotive integration, final assembly, inspection, and shipment of more than 30 variants of vehicles under the Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected and International Light Armored Vehicle Programs. We’re proud to play a role in keeping our service members and citizens safe.

Defense Vehicles served by Spartan


Our flexible production lines and over 700,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space today housed in 11 state of the art buildings are highly modularized and configurable to ramp up or down, depending on government initiatives or sudden changes in the political climate. Further, we keep our knowledge “in-house,” meaning that those who have defense expertise are re-deployed within Builtmore when demand is low and re-engaged when the need arises. This ensures Builtmore’s ability to quickly and adeptly respond to our customers’ needs, with the highest levels of expertise, so that troops get what they need when they need it.

Builtmore has made significant investments in a lean-driven culture, state of the art equipment and skilled automotive personnel in order to support the warfighter. We maintain a dedicated sales staff to support the defense business and carry a multimillion-dollar inventory of parts to support the MRAP vehicle lines. Our parts warehouse is staffed on two shifts to allow same-day shipping on in-stock items, which meet MIL-SPEC packaging requirements.


Awarded as one of the U.S. government’s best suppliers during active production, multiple years running.

Publically recognized by senior military personal and major defense manufacturers for Builtmore employees’ critical role in the rapid production and deployment of MRAP vehicles.

Defense vehicle support & accessories

Maintaining your wartime fleet is critical, which is why we are here to help answer any questions and make replacement parts and accessories available to you when you need them.

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